FRIDAY  7th February 9:00am – 10:30am

               A1   Blues for Beginners                    Judy McDowal       


               A3   Singing Skills                                Gilly Darby

               A4   Sheet Music Simplified               Greg Hings  CANCELLED 

                A5   Introduction To Music Theory   Lynn Robb Waveney Inch     

                A6   Simple Picking Patterns            Bruce Macdonald



FRIDAY  7th February  11:00am – 12:30am

               B1  Let’s Try   Improvising                 Judy McDowall                    


               B3   Stagecraft                                     Gilly Darby

               B4  Picking, Choking and Chunking  Greg  Hings

               B5   The Ukulele and the Song       Paul Lee

                B6  "You can Do It!"           Keith Lightfoot


SATURDAY  8th February 9:00am – 10:30am

               C1  Intro to Clawhammer                Judy McDowal

               C2  Intermediate Music Theory       Lynn Robb Waveney Inch

               C3  Adding Colour with Jazz Chords   Greg Hings

               C4  Explaining the Ukulele: Interpreting Guitar Chords 

                      For Ukulele Players                    Paul Lee

               C5  Create your own Backing Tracks   Keith Lightfoot

                C6  Absolute Beginner Harmonica      Bruce Macdonald

                 C7 Harmony Singing     Bronwyn Barnes 




Keith Lightfoot Session B6:You Can Do It! Session C5: Create Your Own Backing Tracks

Keith Lightfoot Session B6

Keith Lightfoot Session C5

Judy McDowall: Session A1: Blues for Beginners Session B1: Let's Try Improvising Session C1: Introduction to Clawhammer

Session A1: Blues for Beginners

Covering Twelve- Bar Blues in A and C.  We will look at the chords and some variations of these chords.mStrumming and picking patterns that you can try. Exploring different "turnarounds" And let's see how this fits into easy songs.

I'll have you playing the blues in no time!

Session B1:  Let's Try Improvising

Ever  wondered  how to improvise an instrumental riff while others are playing the chords? I will gently take you through what you need to get you started.

We will explore the pentatonic scale, learn some easy Tab to let you know where the notes are, play along with backing tracks, then we will have a go with some easy songs.

Session C1:  Introduction to Clawhammer

Want to impress your uke friends? Then let me show you some basic techniques that you need to know to get you started in playing this style of ukulele. I've only ever heard it played on a Uke with a high "g" but don't let that stop you having a go. 

Bronwyn Barnes: Session C7 Harmony Singing

Bronwyn has been working as a Secondary School Music Teacher in New Zealand and overseas for the past 20 years, and currently holds the position of Head of Arts Faculty at Dunstan High School in Alexandra.

She is an experienced performer in both contemporary and classical music, and has won awards for her Musical Direction.

Session C7  – Harmony Singing

In this workshop you will learn about different types of harmonies and ideas to help you create your own harmonies. You will then put what you have learned into practice to prepare and present a piece of music in a group.  


Gilly Darby: Session A3: Singing Skills Session B3: Stagecraft


Join Gilly for a fun, easy and accessible way to improve your individual group singing skills with breathing and listening excercises.


Preparation, etiquette and  overcoming stagefright.

Greg Hings: Session A4: Sheet Music Simplified Session B4: Picking, Choking and Chunking Session C3: Adding Colour with Jazz Chords

Session A4:  'Sheet Music Simplified' – how uke players can get useful information from sheet music even if you can't sight read music. It could also be called 'Unlocking Sheet Music for Non-Readers' or something similar.

Session B4: Picking, Choking and Chunking' – moving forward from strumming with the fingers.

Session C3: 'Adding Colour with Jazz Chords'. This forms part of the five-week Intermediate Ukulele class I run for OUSA here in Dunedin


Lynn Robb Waveney Inch Session A5: Introduction to Music Theory Session C2: Intermediate Music Theory

Session A5: Introduction to Music Theory
Cover ukulele parts very quickly
Then relate fretboard to keyboard
Forming a chord.... how chords are made up.
Adding seventh.,  9ths etc   
Session C3: Intermediate Music Theory 
Reading crotchets quavers etc 
Reading tablature - everything is upside down...ie how to stand on you head and play!
Chord progressions

Paul Lee Session B5: The Ukulele and the Song Session C4: How to Explain the Ukulele -.

 Session B5: " The Ukulele and The Song”

A practical approach to ukulele cover versions


Fed up with being told “you can't play that on a ukulele?” 

Trying to figure out how to play “that” on the ukulele?


      This workshop looks at ways to interpret and adapt any 

      song for solo and group ukulele performance


    • Familiar songs made convincing on ukulele
    • Familiar songs re-invented for ukulele


      Drawing from familiar repertoire we will troubleshoot a selection of 2 to 3 songs looking at how the choice of key, chords and strum patterns can enhance your over-all performance.


      Combines a fresh approach to playing any song with a grab-bag of useful ideas 

      and ukulele resources designed to revitalise the ukulele repertoire.





 Session C4: " How To Explain the Ukulele" 

or "how to understand what guitar players are doing when they won't tell you"


 - useful for jamming sessions where ukulele players might feel left out of the loop.



•   recognising guitar chords 

•   easy formulas for transposing to ukulele gCEA tuning

•   playing by ear in jam sessions

•   understanding what bass guitars are doing 

Bruce Macdonald: Session B6 - Simple Picking Patterns Session C6: Absolute Beginner Harmonica

Session B6: Simple Picking Patterns

“ I started playing ukulele 15 years ago and had a real sense of accomplishment with my success. However I soon started to get bored with my strumming and searched for new ideas. Whilst in Hawaii I had  eureka moment  and found out you could actually pick a ukulele and as a result I signed up for guitar lessons back in Alexandra based on finger picking patterns.

My workshop is designed for people who are comfortable with basic chords with their left hand and are ready to learn some simple picking patterns. Attendees  can apply these techniques to many of the songs they already play and take their music to a new level.

In the 90 minutes of the workshop I will teach you 4 techniques in 4/4 time and 1 in ¾ time.”

Session C 6  Absolute Beginner Harmonica 

“ HarMonica is a bit difficult when you don’t know the secret” Come to my workshop and all will be revealed. This is very basic stuff suitable for beginners only and hopefully you should be able to play a small solo after the workshop.

Bring your Uke, music stand and a C harmonica. A sense of humour will be an advantage.