Saturday   6th  February     9:00am – 10:30am

               A1   Introduction to Clawhammer                Judy McDowall   

               A2   Harmony Singing                                   Bronwyn Barnes

               A3   Four String Diversity                              Paul Jonson  WORKSHOP FULL

               A4    Learn How to play the Spoons             Keith Lightfoot

                A5   Percussion  for Groups                          Sam Girling

                A6   Waiata in Te Reo                             Frances Maheno



Saturday 6th February   11:00am – 12:30am

               B1  Songwriting                     Mary Anne Ward             

               B2  Harmony Singing              Bronwyn Barnes  WORKSHOP FULL

               B3  Working with Barre Chords   Greg Hings                             

               B4  The Naked Ukulele           Paul Lee

               B5   Percussion for Groups     Sam Girling

                B6  Introduction to Chord Melody     Judy McDowall   WORKSHOP FULL

                B7  Anyone can Sing in Tune    Keith Lightfoot



Sunday  7th February 9:00am – 10:30am

               C1  Introduction to Improvisation         Judy McDowall

               C2  Waiata in Te Reo               Frances Maheno

               C3  Develop Your Strumming Skills    Greg Hings   WORKSHOP FULL 

               C4  Flashmob: Develop a Song with Secret Lives              Paul Lee

               C5  Songs that Sing Without You        Paul Jonson

                C6  Absolute Beginner Harmonica      Bruce Macdonald

                 C7  Drumming  (Intermediate)                Sam Girling




Mary Anne Ward Session B1: Songwriting

Mary Anne has a background in formal music (ATCL in piano and University courses) but has taken up a love of song writing over the two last years (with the ukulele of course) and played a set of original songs at Lauder in 2020.  She has put together a structure to help musicians find entry points for writing melodies and lyrics, and ideas for developing a process for building a song.

We will look at different ways of getting started, ideas for songs, ways to self-communicate as the process develops, structure of songs and rhyming, styles of songs, timing, how to keep records of where a song is at, finding those chords, as well as building that bridge!

From a practical point of view, it is hoped that we can work together through a process to draft one song and then look at ideas for polishing it off (arrangements, harmony, impact points)."

Keith Lightfoot Session A4: Learn to Play The Spoons Session B7: Anyone Can Sing in Tune


Session B7: Anyone can sing in tune!

1. Overview:

If you have ever been told "you can't sing in tune" or you believe you "can't sing in tune" ... if so, Keith has a pleasant surprise for you!

2. Who should attend?

If you have a spouse/partner who often tells you "you can't sing", then he/she should attend the session with you.

You will both come away with new thoughts and ideas.

3. What will be covered?

a) You will learn simple techniques to improve your singing (immediately effective) and you will discover why some songs seem difficult to sing (and how to fix it).

b) People who attend this workshop come away with a new sense of confidence re their singing and for many it is the beginning step and long-term realisation of a lifetime dream.

Feedback from long-standing Musician/Singer:

“I've been an amateur, working, lead singer/player since I was 8 years old and never once have I ever heard or been given a reason to even consider the point you are making. And it's so bloody simple and obvious. Boy, do I feel silly. But you make a powerful damn argument. I'm in the process of working with my daughter as I explained on another one of your video's and this is a valuable piece of information to keep in mind and teach her. Thank you so much. I'm learning a lot from you. Maybe old dogs CAN learn a new trick. Lol! Or teach one at least. So cool. God bless."

These workshops will have limited numbers, so book early to ensure your place in the sessions.


Session A4: Beginners Guide to Playing the Spoons

1. Overview:

If you are looking to have fun, laugh, make lots of noise and go-home with dented cutlery ... then this is the workshop for you.

"I am definitely not an expert spoon player, but I do know how to get people started quickly!" says Keith Lightfoot.

2. Prerequisites:

1. 2 x metal tablespoons

2. Willingness to have a go

3. A smile and a couple of old spoons!

3. What will be covered?

You will learn simple techniques to make music on your spoons.

Feedback from attendees:

“Loved it, loads of fun”

“Always wanted to have a go with spoons, now I know how”

“You are a good tutor”

These workshops will have limited numbers, so book early to ensure your place in the sessions.

Judy McDowall Session A1: Introduction to Clawhammer Session B6: Introduction to Chord Melody Session C1: Introduction to Improvisation

Session B6: Introduction to Chord Melody  WORKSHOP FULL

  Learn how to play the melody and strum the chords at the same time! We will take simple songs and arrange them as a chord melody, then, if you’re ready, you can try out some well-known songs that have already been arranged. Something for everyone.

Session C1: Introduction to Improvisation 

Ever  wondered  how to improvise an instrumental riff while others are playing the chords? I will gently take you through what you need to get you started.

We will explore the pentatonic scale, learn some easy Tab to let you know where the notes are, play along with backing tracks, then we will have a go with some easy songs.

Session A1:  Introduction to Clawhammer

Want to impress your uke friends? Then let me show you some basic techniques that you need to know to get you started in playing this style of ukulele. I've only ever heard it played on a Uke with a high "g" but don't let that stop you having a go. 

Bronwyn Barnes: Sessions A2 and B2: Harmony Singing

Bronwyn has been working as a Secondary School Music Teacher in New Zealand and overseas for the past 20 years, and currently holds the position of Head of Arts Faculty at Dunstan High School in Alexandra.

She is an experienced performer in both contemporary and classical music, and has won awards for her Musical Direction.

Sessions A2 and B2: – Harmony Singing    B2 WORKSHOP FULL

In this workshop you will learn about different types of harmonies and ideas to help you create your own harmonies. You will then put what you have learned into practice to prepare and present a piece of music in a group.  


Greg Hings: Session B3: Working with Barre chords Session C3: Updating your Strum Patterns

Session C3:  Updating Your Strum Patterns. SORRY - Workshop FULL

Get your strumming hand working as hard as your chording hand ! The sound of a ukulele is all about RHYTHM.

We will start by getting your strumming hand moving freely and in time, then learn to vary our strum to create more interesting patterns.

Sample songs to match the patterns will be provided.

Session B3:  Working With Barre Chords.

Many people try to avoid playing barre chords on the uke, but they are the doorway to a roomful of new chords,.

The key to playing barre chords is good hand position – we will start from there, provide you with exercises to build hand strength, and then go on to learn the basic barre chord shapes.

Sheet music for songs using barre chords will be provided.



Paul Lee Session B3: The Naked Ukulele Session C4: Develop a song with "Secret Lives"

Session C4:  Join "Secret Lives" and go through the process of developing a song for performance. Be part of a "Flashmob" during the Concert.

Session B3:  "The Naked Ukulele"  The Naked Ukulele or How the Ukulele Explains Music" - All New workshop for The Lauder Ukulele festival - Waitangi Weekend 2021. Everything you ever wanted to know about the ukulele but were afraid to ask😉

The Naked Ukulele 


Gets right under the skin of the ukulele and strips it down to the basics. 

Where are we on the ukulele fretboard? 

Where are we going and how will we get there?

Also, what are scales and where do chords really come from? 

Everything you ever wanted to know about the ukulele but were afraid to ask!


“Makes music theory sexy - sort of😉”.

Bruce Macdonald: Session C6: Absolute Beginner Harmonica


Session C6:  Absolute Beginner Harmonica 

“ Harmonica  is a bit difficult when you don’t know the secret” Come to my workshop and all will be revealed. This is very basic stuff suitable for beginners only and hopefully you should be able to play a small solo after the workshop.

Bring your Uke, music stand and a C harmonica. A sense of humour will be an advantage.

Paul Jonson: A3: 4 String Diversity C5: Songs that Sing Without You

Workshop A3     WORKSHOP FULL 

"Four String Diversity".

The simplicity of moving from a tenor to a baritone to a banjolele, and all other 4 stringed instruments. See how easy it is to move chord shapes you already know, and play them in many different styles and genres.  You wont believe how easy it is to pick up any stringed instrument, and play just like you can on your uke.


Workshop C5 

"Songs That Sing Without You"

You can solo on your uke, without singing... this workshop will get you started on a path that will make your uke sing, when you'd like to rest your voice. You'll learn simple elements of playing that find the melody in the simple chords you already know. It's the beginners '101' class of picking, strumming & pinching.

Frances Maheno Session A6 Ukulele Wananga Session C2 Ukulele Wananga

Ukulele Wananga   Manu TIORIORI   (Singing Birds) 
Presented by Frances Maheno  Sessions A6   C2 




Learning Maori vowels

Learning Maori Waiata

Te Aroha

Hoki Mai

Pa Mai

Me He Manu Rere

E Papa

Karakia Whakamutunga/closing prayer

Himene / Hymn




Sam Girling Session A5: Percussion for Groups Session B5: Percussion For Groups Session C7: Drumming

Sam Girling – Biography and Workshop Info

Lauder Uke Fest, February 2021



Originally from the UK, Sam has lived and worked in Auckland since 2014. He completed a PhD in music at the University of Auckland, graduating in 2017, and currently teaches various topics in music history and theory at the university. He also teaches percussion in three schools in Auckland. Sam has performed with several of Auckland’s leading orchestras and ensembles, and has a particular interest in West African drumming, having spent some time there ten years ago.

Workshop Info

The workshops will introduce you to West African drumming rhythms and sounds. We will learn how to combine different drum patterns into an ensemble setting and talk about how you might be able to incorporate percussion instruments and rhythms into your ukulele groups. We will use rhythm games and exercises that are aimed to improve hand coordination and enhance your awareness of what percussion can add to an ensemble. No previous experience of playing drums or percussion is required for Workshops A or B; Workshop C is aimed at those of you with a small amount of experience (for instance, if you have attended one of my workshops previously.