Wanaka Ukuleles (Wanaka)

18 members strong at the last count, Wanaka Ukuleles is a band of merry uke players and singers who live in and around the beautiful alpine resort town of Wanaka, Otago. 

Wanaka Ukuleles started out as a bunch of enthusiastic learners attending workshops held by music teacher Rachel Pearson-Irvin. Now an incorporated not for profit society, we play frequently at charity and community events and are also available for hire for private functions. 
Due to the variety of events we perform at we have had to develop a large repertoire of songs for every occasion and aim to add different textures, layers and harmonies rather than all strumming the same thing.  
We thoroughly enjoy our annual trip to the Lauder Ukulele Festival.

Pic'n Mix (Invercargill)


The Pick n, Mix Ukulele Band are this year in their tenth year of playing but haven’t left the music of the 1950’s and haven’t aged a bit.

The group regularly play all the retirement homes of Invercargill as well as special occasions and festivals.  They have played at every Lauder Festival and last year achieved some success at Gores Gold Guitars. They promise new songs and new gadgets at this years performances.

LX Ukes (Alexandra)

LX Ukes is a group of enthusiastic and talented musicians with an eclectic repertoire of material. We try to surprise with neat harmonies tied into strong rhythms and clever lead ukulele. If everyone is available we number fifteen, but that doesn't always happen. in the time that LX Ukes has been together we have raised close to $6000 which been donated to various charities. We were recently nominated for a Central Otago District Trustpower Community Volunteer Award. We were thrilled to win the Art and Culture section. Members of LX Ukes have been strong supporters of ukulele events in Lauder, Alexandra and the. wider area of Central Otago, and are pleased to help support the growth of the ukulele phenomenon worldwide.

Ukes In Thyme ( Alexandra)

Ukes in Thyme are a really enthusiastic group of singers and ukulele players based in Alexandra, New Zealand. They  all (or most!)  started as pupils of KiwisCan Ukulele!, a ukulele school run by Barry (Baz) Bemrose In our now famous basement Music room (currently splitting at the seams!) We have performed in a wide variety of locations - the Thyme Festival, various senior homes and most memorably in entertaining a group of golfers after a well-lubricated golf tournament. Birthday parties have also been catered to! We had a great experience a couple of years ago in the Alexandra Blossom Festival Parade when we entertained thousands of people from the back of a truck with our "Ukuleles for Peace" float. All the better to promote the ukulele and our festival! We continue to grow in numbers and in musical repertoire - long may we prosper!

Lauder Ukes ( Lauder)

The Lauder Ukes started with Uke lessons from our leader, Bruce MacDonald. We originally met in the lounge of the Lauder School B&B. We now  have a group of eight - we meet bi-weekly at the home of Sue Murpy and spend our time finding, learning and practicing new songs to suit our various choices, singing voices and style. Five of our group live around Lauder, two are ex-pat Lauder-ites and one is a complete ring-in, but our love for uke - playing  and singing binds us together to entertain at the local pubs, rest homes and other functions that call for light entertainment.


Valley Chicks - ( Dunedin)

1st photo:            Left to right:  Ann Taylor, Marley Bray, Donna Thomson, Jo Field, Margie Davis, Greg Hings,Marita Purchase     2nd photo:      Left to right:   Marita Purchase, Margie Davis, Ann Taylor, Marley Bray, Jo Field, Donna Thomson ,Greg Hings . Pic taken at Cambodian festival with friends from the Cambodian community as back up players   We are a bunch of friends who have been together a year or two having fun and laughter with our ukulele jams and events.  We recently found Greg Hings through the New Zealand Ukulele Network and are delighted he has joined us to add his bass to our sound. We are looking forward to the next mini Woodstock ......oops,Lauder uke festival in sunny Central Otago.    See you there friends .

Mama D'Ukes - (Fairlie)

 Mama d’Ukes, from Fairlie/South Canterbury, are returning to Lauder after performing here in 2017 and 2018. They are a ukulele and voice duo (Deborah Tipa and Mary Anne Ward), combined with bass/rhythm (Nikki Hall).  These women play and sing songs, in harmony, mostly from the 50's through to the 80's, across all genres. They love playing in cafes around South Canterbury. Nikki  is unable to be here this time but the Mama d’Ukes are very pleased to have Ron Miller accompany them on bass at this their third festival.


Ukonz - (Christchurch)

  We are Ukonz from Christchurch, and have been ukeing together for many years.
Carol and Jack play in the New Brighton Ukulele Pirate band and play Blues and favorites 
and Jack also plays Harmonica. Ngaire and Trevor play in the Cashmere Club Thursday group
and in country groups, on steel and bass. Tom plays bass, Mandolin, and uke for some groups.
Together we are looking forward to another wonderful Lauder Ukulele Festival.

Ukes.Crom - Cromwell

Ukes.crom began around August 2017 from a small group of Ukulele enthusiasts having lessons from Nancy Williamson, guitar and ukulele teacher who had recently moved back to Central Otago. After an ad in the local rag, the group has grown steadily to around 10 regular members who meet weekly. They play a cross-section of music from easy country songs to up-beat swing and jazz. “I believe in challenging players with interesting chords, always with an easy option for those with less experience” says Nancy. “The progress Ukes.crom has made in just over one year is proof that when encouraged, players can exceed all expectations!
Ukes.crom is always on the lookout for new members, especially those who can sing! We love singing in harmony where possible, and are fortunate to have Bill Pompey on the team, a legendary vocalist/musician who helps steer us in the right direction. However the most important aspect of our regular get-togethers is to simply have fun and enjoy the music, all newcomers welcome.

The Tuesday Pickers - Christchurch

Cashmere Tuesday Pickers consists of Lyn Robb, Waveney Inch, Geoff Anders and Colleen Lucas.  

We started out a couple of years ago with about 12 people teaching ourselves new skills.  We are the stayers.  

We meet every Tuesday night to play material from Youtube and the net.  We are always looking for material that allows us to grow. We play classical, popular,s Irish, and Blues music and love to play at as many venues and any opportunities as arise.

We have learned how to pick together but realised we needed a more rounded sound. The group has developed some Ukestration on both old pieces and new, and so rhythm and bass have become part of our group.