information for Registrants - Lauderukefest 2020


1) PICK UP YOUR REGISTRATION PACKS – from Baz and Diane in the Pub from 6:00pm Thursday – at the registration tent ( black truck) - main Entrance: Friday morning from 8:30am and on Saturday morning for late-comers.
2) Your registration packs will have schedules, Big Sing Songbook, a Lauderukefest Badge and a name tag, showing the workshops you are registered in and meals indicated by colour dots. (Green for Friday night, red for Saturday night.)  PLEASE WEAR YOUR NAME TAG!
3) Lunches: available at the stalls on-site, at the Lauder Pub and at Shirley’s Café.
4) Workshops: Please gather at the registration area at 8:45 am for “A” workshops, 10:45am  for “B” workshops on Friday and 9:15am for “C” workshops on Sarurday.  Tutors will display cards with workshop numbers on them for you to meet up with them. Enjoy!
5) Please read the presentations online in the “WORKSHOP PROGRAM” Page from your workshop presenters.
6) Sometimes chairs are in short supply – please bring your own in case you need them
7) Music stands and pegs may be useful for the BIG SING.
8) Our weather has been brilliant this summer, but please be prepared for anything that nature can throw at us. If you have a camping gazebo you will be able to erect it at the back of the main tents to give extra shade as long as it does not interfere with others.
9) Campers – you will be in the field beside the Lauder School B&B. You will receive a card to put on the dashboard of your camper to show that you have paid. Enjoy!
10) Please familiarise yourself with the “Multiple Hazard” signs posted at both entrances to our concert area. Potential hazards are outlined.
11) Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: Baz and Diane 027 376 4162 - Bruce and Esme 027 447 3099